Tuesday, June 30

Hit the lights

Imagine stopping.

Song for the moment: White room - Cream


Piggy Little said...

no! no! no! no!!!

girish said...

:D Rather a strong reaction. The idea was to have the reader think about what this would mean for them personally.

Piggy Little said...

oh ADDITIONALLY, i imagined that too :D and i realised it would be rather boring.

unless of course there is a starting from the scratch again. and i then was thinking how nice it would be to start from scratch and not make mistakes (Since u were already seemingly and supposedly so mature) when i realised, that that too would be boring.

its fun to make mistakes n correct them, just as it is fun to keep going on. :)

bhumika said...

Put a break to the mad rush. That's exactly what i want to do. Stop, that is.

girish said...

@ bhumika - :) Just think about stopping whatever it is you want.