Friday, June 12

Eyes of the beholder

"You've lost weight" they say
In concern, not in congratulation.
Perhaps a slight twinge of envy, maybe
That they need must exercise
To achieve something similar.

He shrugs his bony shoulders
And wonders how one can feel both
Heaviness & emptiness
In one body.

"It must be love"...
"He must be pining"...
He is polite & will not shatter their illusions
But cannot help his amusement at the antithesis
For abhorrent anger will burn the flesh just as well.

Song for the moment: The last time - Janis Joplin


Dionysus said...


The dark side of the force is getting strong in this one

bhumika said...

"you've lost weight". i hear that atleast once a day. funny, the kind of conclusions people derive at.

however, it isn't funny in your case. i suppose.

girish said...

@ Dionysus - and it's about time it did too !

@ bhumika - It sort of is funny, actually.