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Jockey full of bourbon

If you are in advertising, is it almost impossible to be an optimist?

In an interview, David Droga, resident ad-world genius and founder of Droga5, the agency any creative worth her/is salt wants to work in, said he was an optimist. Which, if you consider how long he's been in the game, seems a staggering attitude to maintain.

It got me thinking. Has Droga's approach anything to do with the fact that he is a genius (albeit an incredibly hard-working one), whose ideas usually translate into wonderfully effective and memorable (is there a difference?) advertisements? He was born in Australia and started working there. Did that help mould his attitude and craft?

This exercise could go on forever and there's no chance I can distil the elements of his success. And yet, being an optimist, a cheerful person, having a positive outlook on life may be critical to one thing - wanting to wake up and go work in advertising.

Because the average Indian agency attitude goes something lik…

Heaven will know

They say time heals all wounds.

'They' don't know what they are talking about.

Some hurts stay angry and raw forever.

Because Time itself is a cruel reminder.

Of happy moments. Of conversations. Of hugs.

Gone forever.

Of loss. Of emptiness. Of an aching beyond description.

There forever.

Some wounds cut so deep.

They sever. 

Song for the moment: Lucky Guy - Modern Talking