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Game, Set, Match

Their eyes met over the net. He paused his serve, captivated by her verve. She glanced through her racquet, imagined how handsome he'd look in a jacket.  With a smile on his face, he served what he thought was an ace. She volleyed it with a smack, all the while smiling back.
T'was two love at first sight.*
Song for the moment: What's love got to do with it - Tina Turner

*Inspired by a true story

Smooth Criminal

The devil and god were squabbling.  Unable to decide what the most precious thing was.  They summoned the greatest thief ever - Z. Z was ordered to steal it. What 'it' was, wasn't specified. Whatever was chosen and stolen by Z would be worthy. Z stood in front of the two ancients and pondered. Just as the immortals were beginning to lose patience (typical of those for whom time doesn't mean anything), Z nodded slowly, smiled and left... Came back empty-handed. The devil and god were not amused.  They asked, in no uncertain terms, what the heck Z was playing at.  The reply stunned them into silence.
"I stole a kiss".
Song for the moment: