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Day Tripper

There are moments in life when you realize that you are totally out of your depth. That moment hit me just before lunch yesterday as the speaker droned on & on about random whatnots. I was just thankful no one paid any attention to the less than attentive expression on my face.

To be invited to a 3-day conference is not exactly the pinnacle of my achievements, but this one had about as much chance of seeing me in a professional avatar as the last cold one in the fridge on a summer evening. Or any evening, come to that. What sealed the programme's fate was that it was being held in Pune. To make matters worse, the venue was the National Insurance Academy in Balewadi. To be paid to go to Pune is akin to... err, dude I'm being 'paid' to go to 'Pune'. Enough said. Much joy. But, to be spending the day at the NIA is even less encouraging to the get-project-done stakes. A verdant campus even at the worst of times and February is not the worst of times. The trees p…


Blame it on the 'new job-new city' euphoria, but I've been struggling to put the figurative pen to paper for over a week. That's not unusual in itself since I've taken many a haitus. What's unique to this time is the inability to encapsulate what I'm seeing and feeling and put it down into some sort of coherent, snappy format. After what seems like ages, a rambling post is coming up here. Don't bother to stay and peruse further if you don't feel like it.

Call me vindictive, but there were noticeable stirrings of joy when I heard the boss plead on the phone with some random person for their time... like I'd done not too long ago. For all the cliched karma, even a week at work has made it rather obvious that it'd have taken a miracle for this lot to reach any decision on my employment within the boundaries of my expectations. Work abounds and unlike what seems like half the somambulistic world, it does not involve mindless repetitive bollocks. …

Back seat confidential

My two-paise's worth on Bombay - a city with the unique ability to embrace you instantly, making you part of an energetic collective & yet, instantaneously leave you feeling intensely lonely. A loneliness you see in the person sitting next to you on the bus, train or any other mode of transport you choose. Something you can almost touch as you squirm your way through a million bodies... or is that a person a second for innumerable beats of time.

Everyone immersed in their own private hell.

However you choose to look at it, it's home.

Song for the moment:I stand alone - Godsmack