Tuesday, March 27

unto the breach...

For those of you who think that this blog in general, is about colourful lyrics, prepare to be disappointed. As for anyone who recognized it as a take on W. Blake's work, there's no real need to get into enthusiastic high-fives or self-congratulatory sentiments ... but feel free to do so if you need a little ego boost.

All enthusiastic about starting a blog, based on a few amusing\interesting samples written by supposed friends, but at this juncture, I have just 2 words - writer's block. Not that I am in competition with the chaps who wrote any of the historic the epics...pick one... but even a passable limerick seems to be beyond the realms of possibility. Which is strange, considering the numerous scapes and situations I get into, a rich vein of amusing tales as friends will testify. Why the reluctance then ? It possibly may have something to do with the thought at the back of my mind that I have enough assignments to do today that I am not so artfully avoiding by rambling incoherently here.

So, I'll take the easy way out and add a few comments to the plethora that already exists on the subject of India's performance in the cricket World Cup. Why is it that the first sentiment expressed after a decidedly poor campaign is "Sack the captain" ? Indian cricket is a graveyard for captaincy where no one escapes unscathed. Based on his triumpths in England and the West Indies, old man Wadekar is still looked upon favourably, but the rest are neither here nor there. The French Revolution guillotine style doesn't hold a candle to the drama that follows an Indian cricket failure, believe you me. As for the current unfortunate, Dravid, he's already done the gentlemanly thing by taking the blame for the team's performance. Just in time too, since the Indian 'janata' had already started its version of the warm up in anticipation of the traditional post-defeat 'attack the players' homes' and the effigy-burnings. No doubt the participants in these theatrics look forward to the World Cup with unholy glee... the team's consistency in failure is manna for some and repeated sighing for the rest. Can you just see the picture... all the goons chalking up another successful year for themselves, the champaign, or in their case, the 'tharra' overflowing, old hands reminiscing about the good old days when lathi-charges by the police really meant something, the greenhorns suitably spicing up their supposedly perilous encounters with the players' houses etc. One of the funniest was probably the attempt by the bright beans who attacked the 'under-construction' house of the Men in Blue's resident Samson - M.S Dhoni... umm... its under construction you know... asking the labourers to bugger off for a couple of days may just have been more effective... but, what do I know... however, I do pity the chaps who invested in confetti since those are doomed to stay in storage for quite a while.

For now, this circus will continue ... fear not, good people... for, as someone once said.. "the show must go on"... and it will. As the shilling-shockers say... "we anticipate".