Thursday, May 7

The hardest part

As suggested to me by a bloke in foreign parts, I'm writing about it. Somewhat.

Over the last week, I’ve found out firsthand, the literal, effectively demonstrated (on me, that is) meaning of a lot of phrases I viewed before as hackneyed or exaggerated. And trust me when I say this – one is much better off viewing the words ‘heavy heart’ as hackneyed. Especially if the heart is yours.

I’ve been given a crash course in understanding why ‘timing is everything’ isn’t something to be bandied about casually like say ‘winning is everything’. If winning were everything, then an awful lot of poor sods out there would be nothing. Including yours truly. But timing really is everything. Case in point – The one week… the ONE week where I needed my friends to be around so that I could get inebriated, smashed, sloshed and in case the point is not clear yet, completely drunk, these fine gents have both toddled off on holiday at the same time. I know these people. In their line of work, holidays are far and few so it’s rather a bitch to not even have one of them around to just sit, nod his head wisely, sympathise, empathise, buy a few rounds, etcetera. My wanting to go out on the town with Bacchus has nothing to do with the ‘heavy heart’ business of course.

So anyway, finding the paddock empty, I’ve gone ahead and resolved to stay away from the stuff that cheers & inebriates for the next month and a half.

I know, I know. Because.

Song for the moment: Low man's lyric - Metallica


Piggy Little said...

u need company? :) :)


girish said...

;) not in sobriety, i reckon. i'm a little company-shy at this point.

bhumika said...

tragedy has a way of bringing out the best in people. like this post :)

girish said...

@ bhumika - :) i'd hate to imagine what bill shakespeare went through while coming up with his stuff.

thank you, though.