Thursday, March 12

Life for rent

She liked that he listened to her. She adored that he seemed to keep up effortlessly while she prattled on about everything under the sun. She appreciated that he'd consider her words for the longest time before asking his questions... always the right ones. It told her that he thought about her ideas and empathised with her emotions. That he read between the lines. She admired that he had not once offered her pity. No one else could be there on that day. On her day.

She asked him to be the witness at her wedding.

He stared silently like he was seeing her for the first time...

"What time should I be there?"

Always the right question.

Song for the moment: Dreams be dreams - Jack Johnson


bhumika said...

not as powerful as the previous two. maybe it required something more in the starting few lines to give that punch at the end.

girish said...

@ bhumika - :), yea I know.

Piggy Little said...

the power of this piece, as against the previous two and here i disagree with bhumi, lies in the immense subtelty of the text.

saying it all and yet not sating, and therefore it is so much more powerful. especially, the end where she says "all the right questions."

very evocative piece of writing.


girish said...

@ neha - thank you. it's a way of writing i am experimenting with, where the unsaid lets the reader contribute their own possibilities.