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Disconnect the Dots

Mondays following a long weekend have no hope in hell of being viewed in a positive light & today is no different. What makes it seem like more of a burden is the fact that I spent some time playing cricket over the last 3 days.

In itself, that remark is not meant to suggest anything sinister. What cannot be denied is that playing any sport, never mind cricket, vigorously every 6 months or so, is asking for trouble. Predictably enough, today has been an interesting day, in that I've spent the past 10 or so hours discovering exactly how sorely my muscles can protest. Added to this, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn or some such godforsaken hour to ensure that I did not miss the bus from Pune to Bombay and arrive late at the office.

Were this the only thing on my mind, I'd still have been okay today, probably coming up with new ways and expressions to convince all & sundry that I am 'working'. However, I've had a strong feeling all day that something is amiss. Restlessness, coupled with the frustration of not knowing what exactly that is, means that my mood is becoming more sombre by the minute.

It's like that feeling - you find yourself at a party where everyone is familiar but no one is friendly. You don't want to stay, but for some reason, you are reluctant to leave. The music is mediocre and the beer, flat. You feel a very, very strong urge to listen to a powerful, soulful voice SING... with all the passion and fury that seems missing from your life. Instead you are left with a heavy feeling of claustrophobia strangling you ever so complacently. Yea... I feel like that.

Song for the moment: Piece of my heart - Janis Joplin


bhumika said…
Atleast u figured out what you are feeling like. Good luck with the body ache :)

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