Sunday, March 9

Can you please crawl out your window?

There are times truth sneaks up upon us and delivers that knockout blow; that perfect jab into the plexus that leaves us floored, breathless and clawing desperately at nothing. While we indignantly try to mouth the word 'cheat' or 'unfair', truth nods, satisfied at a job well done, notches up another one, and leaves.

This is spring break week, the annual period that universities across the nation down shutters and take off. Most campuses, buzzing with activity right up to Friday, resemble a ghost town on the 1st Saturday of spring break. Texas probably even has the occasional tumbleweed. Anyway, this being Birmingham, there's barely any difference between spring break and the rest of the year. Allowed, this is hardly the university's fault... not even the city's. But, it does clearly elucidate a point, no, dear reader ? (speaking of which, who actually reads this blog, I wonder)

Again, this being Birmingham, the day spring break is declared, the weather forecast promptly predicts rain and snow, with temperatures for the week in the high 20's. That's Fahrenheit, in case you were wondering wtf... which roughly translates into an average of -1 degree Celsius to look forward to... Oh joy !! It doesn't help that my roommates have taken off for Florida and the sun-kissed beaches, leaving self contemplating moong daal for dinner... again. (Yes, contributed by Bachelor no. 4. His consistency leads me to contemplate slaying the *%#@!%&)
And why am I not travelling with Mr. Galliano's circus, you ask ? Enter Mammon and his slave - self.

Since my degrees haven't amounted to anything so far, I've had to take drastic steps this semester, namely by applying for the most impressive Summer internships I could think of, all 3 of which were with the United Nations. I've been accepted by all of them, but before starting out on the whooping and the hand-stands, discovered that that august body doesn't pay interns. Yea... you want to do an internship, you can damn well pay for it yourself. I ask you !! Ergo, I'm still here... writing this post. And will be working this week.

So, Vienna, much to my regret, is out. Too expensive. Left in the fray are New York city and.... wait for it... Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Where will I be going ? Well... NYC hasn't let me know about its work profile yet, so until that happens, I'm waiting. Grinding my teeth all the while, I might add.

Decisions, decisions....

And about truth assaulting us and leaving ? The following conversation took place last week. Sigh...

(At work, me and other student employee, K, are talking)

G: Those are some...ahem... 'interesting' socks you're wearing (they were a ghastly shade of 'rainbow', I kid you not)

K: Thanks.

G: Hehe... reminds me of these mustard-yellow socks I used to have when I was in college (dreamily referring to my B.A years in Fergusson... and yea, I actually did have those socks... no comment)

K: Girish, you still are in college.
F#@K !!

Song for the moment:
Dust in the wind - Kansas


Ashish said...

I read your blog.
And mustard coloured socks.
Oh you make my Sunday.

thumbtwiddler said...

I remember making fun of the mustard coloured socks. I rememebr the shirt from the 60's!! heehehehe...hehehhehehe...wait wait..hehehehhehehehehehehehhehehe

Girish said...

Okay people, I shall not repeat. We need to let the 60's shirt go. Really... :)

As for the socks... they're still going to college too, if you know what I mean.