Thursday, June 7

Part 1 - "Sometimes I wanna take to the road and plunder" - B. Dylan

"Arrey, you have an on-campus job na ? Where ? "
Deathly silence.

"Haan, so how much funding is your department giving you ?"
Deathly silence. A single droplet of sweat, starting at the brow, begins its journey toward terra firma .

"Man, there were so many positions open at the campus job fair last week. Did you go ?"

Deathly silence. The droplet had been feeling decidedly lonely but not any more. In fact, the droplet privately feels its getting a little crowded. And the terra is no longer all that firma. Of all the bamboos, the one called 'panic' is now firmly lodged, well... further elucidation unnecessary, methinks.

"So, yaar... where is your money coming from ? Did you get a scholarship or something from the university ?"

Deathly silence. Can't move any limbs. Possible onset of catatonic schizophrenia.

So ladies, gentlemen, kind readers, voyuers, bored souls etc. - I needed a job. Technically, I needed money... but being law-abiding for the most part, let's say that I needed a job. Just one leetle problem - I couldn't find one. You can add the popular phrases such as 'for love or money', 'neither hide nor hair', 'as far as the eye could see', 'my kingdom for...' umm... wait, maybe not that one. But astute as you lot are (I hope, anyway) you get the point.

"It wasn't my fault Guv... 'onest"

I'd shown up at the university on the last day possible, which left me with next to no time to find a source of funding. This is a tricky situation to be in for the average Indian student, especially considering the exchange rate and the fact that bartering in beans a la Jack (you know... the beanstalk chap...haan...) was not an option. The next few months had me getting a bit wild-eyed and yes, even slightly stressed (ha ha, I slay myself...). In this feral state, thankfully enough, my sense of hearing became acute. So, when opportunity tried to tiptoe past my door, I heard it, threw open the door, got a death grip on it and dragged it in... kicking, screaming and protesting ineffectually as it was.

A student tutor job, where I was to help out university athletes in Psychology and Anthropology. To cut a long story short, I got the job and was able to apply for a SSN (see previous blog for reference). Then, my employer drops the bomb - there was no work that semester. No work, no pay. No pay & I'm back in the dungeons... without passing 'Go' and all that.

Holy Crap Batman !!

Up next: Part 2 - "It Ain't Me, Babe..."

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