Saturday, January 2

Give the kid a break

Copyright: Zach Weinersmith
And that's why it's ridiculously tricky to talk to someone you're crushing on. 

Jokes apart, a change of calendar has occurred. Which gives us an excuse to be irrationally hopeful/optimistic about our lives. The opportunity to delude ourselves into believing the slates of our actions and choices can be wiped clean. That we can drastically alter our personalities into more charming and winning ones. And, the not-giving-a-flying-fuck universe will make things happen so that we may find happiness. Quite.

Thought for the year: When there are fish aplenty in the sea, it's best not to fall for the mermaid.  

Okay, I'm done being myself. Time to don the mask of cheer for a bit. Make the best of 2016, everyone.

Song for the moment: No more Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper 

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