Monday, October 28

Femme Fatale

An allegorical tale 

Today is the day. I will do it. I will ignore him. He will not get what he wants. I am strong. I am resolute. I will not acknowledge his presence. I will not look. I will not speak. I will not move. I will not even raise a hand. It doesn't matter if I starve. I can do without his food. He will not even have the satisfaction of knowing that I am hungry. It is a small price to pay, but he will get the message. I have pride. I have self-respect. I don't need him.

I am not a lab rat. I am a...

*Bell rings*

Damn it!

(Somewhere in heaven, Pavlov's dog is laughing at me.)

Song for the moment: I can't stand it - Eric Clapton      


Gobri said...

Have you read 'Flowers for Algernon'?

G said...

Looked it up after you referred to it. Sinister, as you said. And gut-wrenching.