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Window to the world

The glass walls of the office let him stare at the people on the other side. As a scene, it was not extraordinary. Neither were the people. People were after all, just people. The observer and the observed shared a floor, but they could have been worlds apart.

After many minutes of observation, he understood. Perhaps. Those on the outside looked comfortable. He did not know them. He had no idea about their daily office lives, never mind the ones they led after leaving at the end of the day. But there was no getting around it - they just looked content. Confident. Cheerful. Hopeful. Like they knew they'd be able to handle anything life threw their way.

He felt as aware of this as the people were unaware of him.

They looked alive. He looked like he would never be.

Song for the moment: For what it's worth - Buffalo Springfield


bhumika said…
It reads as if i have written the post. Had it not been on your blog, it could well be on mine :)
G said…
:) That's a compliment. Theme must be common to ad agencies. Or to our lives, even.
k said…
Lovely song to go along with a nice post.
G said…
@ k - Thank you, kind sir. Glad you enjoyed it.

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