Tuesday, July 20

One more cup of coffee

The sheer awesomeness of a great trip does not lie in the fondly remembered incidents.

It was not born a moment, hurrying down 80 ft. road at midnight, knowing your friends are creating a pandemonium in the vicinity.

It did not depend on being cheered, greeted and bodily lifted and hugged by people who are more family, than friends.

It did not evolve because of sitting on the kitchen counter at 2 am, sharing a meal and beer, hearing people talking and laughing in every room.

It needed no help from unbelievably desultory brunches on a gloriously salubrious day.

It almost became about finally acknowledging the pub of all pubs.

It was not accentuated by swapping hilariously nostalgic stories in the dead of night.


You understand that the great trip has happened when you find yourself with friends at dawn...

All bleary-eyed and dishevelled
All flying off in different directions

All wondering why the weekend seemed to last just a heartbeat.

But what a heartbeat!

Song for the moment: On every street - Dire Straits  


Ashish said...

Kya baat hai!

Boshu said...

Ess Ess! :)

girish said...

People, what I wouldn't give for one more Ants Cafe trip.

kshitij said...

Mhanjey...bhat a heart beat!!!!WAAAH!!!!

Sush said...

Love you for writing this post!!! Since you have a glimpse of what such trips are like, plsssssssss plan more ;)

girish said...

@ kshitij - I am honoured by your observation, dear saar.

@ sush - :) Arrey, most definitely. But ample warning before your holiday plans will be useful.

Shivani said...

Now I know what people mean when they say someone was "burning with jealousy".
Aarghh.. I missed it! Let's plan the next one guys, pliss

And yeah Sush -- give your trips a break for sometime now.

kshitij said...

Since Girish is not active on Face book, lets flood the comments here only..20th August people, Pune??what say???

girish said...

@ shivani - yea, it was a pity you missed a lovely outing.

;)AJ's law says - The intensity of planning is inversely proportional to the probability of execution.

@ kshitij - dude, use email for whatever plans you want to make.

Piggy Little said...

:-) i can only say "so true"

Gauri Gharpure said...

This one's a winner.