Sunday, June 13

The seeker

A stubborn head-cold has been dissipating the energy out of me. In the throes of the resultant exhaustion, I find it difficult to concentrate on any one activity, be it sleep which I sorely require or reading, which I can only accomplish in fits and bursts. Even writing a post feels laboured, much like my breathing. Ideas appear in fits and starts. Just when I think I can put together a decent piece, the words stop flowing and I am left to consider the usefulness of ellipses.

This peculiar half-alert, half-drowsy state is accentuated by the weather, which is moodily grey. I wish it would make up its mind and either rain or allow for sunshine, but nature's vagaries are her own. After many years, I am re-reading what I think is the best travel book ever written - 'From Heaven Lake' by Vikram Seth. He commands English so expertly, it feels more like a series of vivid photographs rather than mere alphabets linked together. A book that requires complete immersion for absolute appreciation, a sense of deja vu confirms my feelings many years ago; the book is essentially brilliant poetry in prose form.

Reading this book, or for that matter, any book on travel, is a double-edged experience for me. I get to make voyages vicariously, all the while resenting the fact that this is the only way I seem to be making journeys. Because I don't like to travel alone, I find it quite incredible that the authors can and do, often it seems, effortlessly. I could cite numerous other hackneyed obstacles in my way, but something he once told me always quietens the excuses. The jist of it was that opportunities abound; it is up to us to take them. Seeing the truth in that message is tinged with panic because time is flying by and I feel oddly stilted. About everything.

I want to say it is the weather. I want to say it is the head-cold. Believing any of it is another matter.

Song for the moment: I want to go back - Eddie Money


Piggy Little said...

new template. i love the red and black. the purple no. :)

hows? nice again :) i agree abt seth's assessment. i understood the import of melodrama after a suitable boy.

girish said...

yea, thank heavens blogger finally decided to go funky.

there's no melodrama in this book. but his skill as a writer is very evident.

gaizabonts said...

I like the template too! Yup, Blogger's trying to be funky, for sure!

And I am trying to remember the context in which I said, what I said. Nevertheless, I am glad, it led to a good post. :D

girish said...

@ atul - place: the brass monkey, over a beer.

context: what bombay can offer

gaizabonts said...

Ah, yes, it all comes back now! Gracias!