Saturday, May 1

I'll be alright without you

A great book series is like a coin; there are 2 distinct emotional sides to finishing it.

On one hand, you have that extremely satisfied feeling at the end - a mental burp as it were. On the other hand, there's a mild sense of loss, knowing that the pages, plots & permutations (awesome alliteration!!) are no longer new. The feeling is similar to knowing what your birthday gift is before you unwrap it.

And yet, a gift is always welcome. Having finished the Millennium trilogy yesterday, there's quite a churning in the emotional barrel. The books are very well written & for that, I'm a little sad that there are no more in the series. But reading these books has fanned the dying embers of my book-reading patterns. I know with certainty that I'll be reading a lot more.

In my world, there's no loss in that development.

Song for the moment: The night is still young - Billy Joel


Piggy Little said...

welcome back. try some ishiguro, if you already have not or murakami. :)

girish said...

If the movie 'The remains of the day' is anything to go by, Ishiguro is one intense bloke :)

Will check out both these blokes, although I have got my hands on Naipaul's books for now.

bhumika said...

'mental burp' - i like that expression! :)

girish said...

:) Ha! I'm patenting that one.