Thursday, April 8

As I am

Can you recall the last time you read a book cover-to-cover ?

I don't know about you, but I've always felt guilty that my book-reading rate is no longer as high as it was in the past. From a guy who could read 4 books a week, I've become someone who struggles to read even one. Being employed doesn't help matters.

Between 9 hour work days, making dinner, a laughable gym record & an accusingly dusty saxophone case, books had lost out. I'd wondered if I'd become the guy who preferred the internet and even the most inane movie on t.v versus taking the effort to follow plot-lines, remember characters & test the logic of a story. The supposed bibliophile in me was cringing.

Steig Larsson's Millennium Trilogy is going to change that. I'm reading the first part - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


I cannot remember the last time I've looked forward to going home, just to read.

Song for the moment: Surprise Ice - Kings of Convenience

P.S: The song is lovely too.


Dionysus said...

Dude!..I'm reading the same book here. My flatmate had been raving about this one from the 1st day I'd landed up

girish said...

:) Quite a coincidence. Its a brilliant read man.

Shivani said...

Ok I'm in a minority here. I read it around 4 months back & didn't like it. Loved the way the suspense builds up, but concluding part is a damp squib

girish said...

:) hey, it's perfectly fine to have your opinion differ. I guess the ending doesn't seem clinical because it's a trilogy & the greater story develops over 3 books.

Gauri Gharpure said...

I was never a quick reader, take time to decide whether i like an author, change my opinion midway and so on.. Reading to me, happens in phases- unfortunately with months and months of nothing substantial read in between.

Thanks for introducing me to Stieg Larsson. Did you read the other two books? and which other authors did you pick up in 2010?

girish said...

Like many others I used to be a quick reader, burning my way through a stack. Sadly, nowadays reading happens only when time & inclination permits.

Yea, I read through Larsson's 3 books, although it feels very obvious that he would have written more in the series.

I read Dalrymple for the first time, but there were others I can't recall :). Revisited others including Seth & Pico Iyer.