Wednesday, February 10

Carnival of rust

Q. How do people at work react to your resignation ?

A. Scenario 1 - You are treated to a display of facial contortions ostensibly expressing regret, a few "tch tch" noises and terse congratulatory statements.

Scenario 2 - All colleagues gather in the downstairs lobby for an impromptu yet impressively coordinated Rumba session and a few of them are seen glancing wistfully at the heavens. Or at the damp spot on the ceiling.

In any case, there is a period of time (a few days) when you are made to feel like the version of Moses who, halfway to crossing the Red Sea on foot, realised that it was all a mistake and hailed the nearest boat.

Then the fun begins.

From the activity status of that Vastu bamboo shoot thing, you are catapulted to the role of hand-wash soap. Everybody who is anybody will devise ingenious ways to use you to get writing work done. You can't protest since the relieving letter, experience certificate & recommendation letters aren't in your hands yet. Since you and irony are such close friends, you are mentally prepared to be asked to write the letters you need at the end of the month.

In all this, 3 things keep you going.
  1. No more ISO.
  2. No more Badnera Junction, Amravati.
  3. You found a free online scrabble website.
Song for the moment: Snow - Red Hot Chili Peppers


Ketan said...

Lol... It happens only in India as some old song goes I guess... But I bet the last minute of the last day is something huh!... and the next venture?? writing I hear... hows that coming along? And is this place in Pune or Mumbai?

girish said...

:) India does have this effect covered, yea. Last day & new work thoughts will be in a post this week, so keep an eye out for it.

The job's in Mumbai.