Wednesday, December 30

Heart like a wheel

Q 1: Why have I never written a New Year's eve post before ?

A: I was too busy bringing in the New Year to bother.

I did not mean to do a post on it this year, but it's another slow day at work (shocker!!), the Eng-SA test is over & Google Reader tells me stubbornly that no one is going to write anything today. So, well...

Q 2: How was I going to go about it ?

A: The easy approach would have been to write a short description of 31st Dec 07 & 08 & compare them to 2009. Whoop-de-do & all, but it would have been a futile exercise. Or rather, pointless because I gain nothing from it & you, the kindly suffering reader, would have muttered darkly about unnecessary revisions & heaven forbid, redundancy.

Instead, I went back to the posts I wrote this year for ideas. Now, just to keep you lot from falling asleep, I've conjured a set of visuals to explain the whole deal. I am really bad at art, so if you don't like it or don't appreciate it, jog on.

2009 Graph of Emotions

2009 Career Graph
2009 Social Graph
That sorts everything out rather lucidly, no ?

While I've given my sense of humour a rest this year, the melancholic side of me seems to have gone into hyper-drive. Less posts have been churned out in 2009 as well, but I like to think the quality of writing has picked up a smidgeon. New styles & themes were explored (sadly, only as regards writing... heh) & I'm okay with the results.

A year of shake-ups, of affirmation of ancient fears, a year of hesitation & one of... resignation, perhaps ? 2009 has been a year of existing in that purgatory between being sure & unsure of the world around me.


Yes, it has been that kind of year.

Cheers all.

Song for the moment: Aanewala pal - Kishore Kumar


bhumika said...

I would like to let you know that this blog has produced some of the best reads of 2009. So yes, not everything is in shambles.

Wish you have a beautiful 2010.

PS : I absolutely love that song :)

girish said...

You're probably one of my most faithful readers, so thank you for visiting frequently & for commenting on the posts.

We'd be hard-pressed to find someone who does not like that song !

Screwdriver said...

I just came across your profile. Enjoyed reading it. And yes, not everything in shambles, turn the graphs upside down!

girish said...

heh... well, that might just work for the graphs.

keep visiting the blog.