Tuesday, November 10

Animate - inanimate

When you have nothing to write about, it is slightly irritating but nothing a spoonful of patience & a weather eye cannot resolve eventually.

When you do not want to write at all, there is a problem.

I am in the throes of both & do not expect to be cured of either any time soon. This fact does not bother me either.

Imagine trying to run in a pool of tar. Or swimming in quicksand.

The feeling of existing so slowly that everything else seems to be on fast-forward.

Song for the moment: Boat Behind - Kings of Convenience


Piggy Little said...

oooo and aahh!!! :)

why is it that everyone else does better at putting my thoughts into words than myself :) :)

the world on fast forward, my thoughts exactly at this moment.

girish said...

:) I think every one who writes has had the moment where they think someone else has expressed it better.

gaizabonts said...

I have noticed, experienced and learnt, that it is always better to write that you are unable to write when you are, in fact, unable to write.

The words need to be there, even if they don't mean anything at that time.

girish said...

When every word needs must pass stern tests to make it to the blog, it becomes harder to write... to justify their publishing to oneself. however, i'll keep what your observation in mind.

bhumika said...

I kind of agree with what Atul has expressed. If only we followed :)

tar and quicksand - couldn't have thought of a better metaphor to express it.

girish said...

:) thank you.

neha said...

'When you do not want to write at all, there is a problem.'


girish said...

Hopefully, it doesn't last. Welcome to the blog.