Wednesday, December 17

Don't hold your breath

Applying and interviewing for a job is hard enough in this day and age of recession, cutbacks and pink slips. Having received an offer letter, I suppose I should have thanked my guardian angel, quietly accepted the terms and got a move on. Heaven knows the geezers made me sweat for an inordinately long time after saying the magical words "We'll let you know".

But no. I chose to figuratively clear my throat at what I thought was an unethical stunt on their part. This latest exchange of pleasantries, by phone last Friday morning IST ended with "I'll let you know by email as soon as possible... by the end of the day, if I can".

The long and short of it ?

Copyright: Bill Watterson

P.S: Substitute beanie with word consistent with the scheme of above post.

Song for the moment: Simple man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

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