Wednesday, November 7


What do you do on a perfect day?

A day when the sky is so blue, you actually stop and admire its blueness.

A day when the flame-red and emerald-green leaves of the trees go ‘wisha-wisha’, allowing you to dream on that drudge-walk to another 8 hour day.

A day when the radio plays songs that get your feet tapping and you forget that the walk through the trees actually happened and dream a little more.

A day when you realize that Diwali is around the corner, you are no where near the corner and sweets, savouries and firecrackers are just memories of a distant shore and better times.

You sigh, deeply and completely, letting every muscle and limb relax. You pause for a fraction of second longer before you open that door. Take in that blue sky and pleasant breeze. Hum that tune that’s been stuck in your head since you woke up this morning.

And step over that threshold.


Song for the moment: Move along - The All-American Rejects


bhumika said...

nostalgia is a double-edged sword :)

liked the previous post as well though i had to read it twice to understand how the action was taking place

thumbtwiddler said...

Once you used 'wisha-wisha’ it was hard for me to conceterate on the rest. :(
Wisha wosha wisha wosha...I'm such a retard!