Tuesday, August 14

'twas one of those times...

A few sporting shockers have occurred over the last 2 days. For one, Manchester United, one of the many blights of my existence, managed to draw their first game at home against some not-so-scary opposition. So what do the fans get for having seen the spending of over $40 million over the summer ? A chap with a broken foot sidelined for 2 months. This would be fine if the chap in question was say... Wes Brown, no offence to him. Unfortunately, its Wayne Rooney. Enough said.

Number two on the list is the fact that Roger Federer has lost a final... to a guy who admittedly beat Nadal and Roddick on his way. But the reason Federer is Federer is precisely because he's not some clay court specialist or a 24 year old has-been... which makes the whole affair as surreal as Roger's regular game. All I can think of is that some poor sods have been cheated out of a sure bet.

Number three, and admittedly my favourite is the news that India has pulled off a test series win, not against the usual suspects but against England. IN England. Now detractors (and there always are detractors) will say that England were missing Flintoff, Hoggard and well...okay... Harmison also. There's only 2 things to be said to whoever brings up that point:
  1. tough luck
  2. generous to a fault as usual & no doubt anxious to validate their victory, India decided that the English bowlers on show needed some wickets to show for their efforts. So that pretty much evens the whole thing out.
As the previous post would indicate, I have my heroes in the Indian team. But one also ought to feel happy for Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly who are on their last tour of England.
Better late than never I suppose....

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