Sunday, July 1

warrior soul-speak

The following text has been taken from the Japanese anime Bleach, episode 125. The two characters are Kurosaki Ichigo (IK) and Kenpachi Zaraki (KZ).

Make of it what you will...

IK: We finished our fight a long time ago.

KZ: Finished? It’ll never be finished. A battle is not like some stupid argument. As long as someone is still breathing, the fight isn’t over.

IK: I don’t have any reason to fight you.

KZ: You want a reason… for fighting ? Why don’t you just accept it already, Ichigo ?!

You seek out fights. You desire power. Isn’t that right, Ichigo ?

Everyone who searches for power, without exception, searches for battle !

Do you fight in order to become more powerful ?!

Or do you want more power so that you can fight ?

I'm not the one to tell you that. The only thing I know for sure is, guys like us were born this way.

We were born to fight, Ichigo !


KZ: Your instincts will keep leading you towards new battles. It’s the only way you have.

The only way to become stronger.

Fight Ichigo !

If you want the power to control your enemy, take that sword in your hand and cut him down. That’s your only option.

That’s the road that continues in front of you and remains behind you !

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