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Ants on a mobius strip...

The bitch about hindsight - it just mocks you.

There is this phase of life where we have fantastic dreams, outrageous ambitions and even ideas that appear slightly dubious now that we can look back. In most cases, that happens to be the time we're in college, attempting to get our Bachelor's degrees. I'm not quite sure why this is so - certainly, when I contemplate my college life, I can't recall anything about F.C that inspired me to greater heights - umm... in those areas that are accepted as respectable enough to be scaled, that is.

Can you honestly see yourself inspired into being someone respectably employed when the professor of psychology is droning on about how some chap got his poor dog all strung up and excited over a bell ? I think not...

As far as I can make out, in my 3 years in that grandiose institution I read a lot, developed a marked fondness for beer, a variety of other spirits, was introduced to philosophy by the dynamic duo of Ashish and Ketan, motor-bike rides at odd times of the night and well, other stuff that it may be prudent not to mention here.

Those, and a certain trip to Goa that certain worthies were decent enough to take me along on.

The best parts of my 2 years allegedly obtaining a Master's degree in Anthropology ? It had to be the field trip to a village in north Maharashtra (about which I will devote a whole piece sometime later), endless yatras to the canteens for endless plates of funny tasting food, bad tea and good conversations, hanging out in the hostel in the room shared by Jim, Colin and James and playing scrabble and cards at any given time, generally accompanied by beer... you get where I'm going with this right ??

Then one day we wake up and contemplate, on average, a 70 hour work week... and some of us are studying further ( Heaven only knows why !!) to boot.

We may not have worshipped Bacchus unconditionally but Mammon sure has most of us by the unmentionables and I'm still at the "How the... When the... but, but, but..." stage.
Now, when I look back I think I ought to have taken some serious advantage of my college years and really lived it up. Because, back then, we could do that without trying. Because that was what college was for, is for. Now...

The jeering in the background ? That's hindsight.

Up next - "To be or not to be"... working, that is.


Ashish said…
Bhaery bhaery nice, bro. You can certainly wield a pen. :-)

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